Monday, May 28, 2007

Kathryn needs ...

I couldn't resist trying this one. Type "(Your name) needs" into Google and see what you get. Ignoring the less savoury results ...

1. Kathryn needs help. (You bet she does!)
2. Kathryn needs to execute her plan to stop the train very precisely. (Oops! Really shouldn't have clicked on that link, but it did look intriguing.)
3. Kathryn needs to be self-motivated, organised and able to get on with a wide range of people of different ages. (Well, yes ... that would apply to most homeschooling mothers. Or most mothers, come to that.)
4. Kathryn needs pieces of cheese. (And chocolate)
5. Kathryn needs time in the sun. (Which is why I feel so much better for that holiday.)
. Kathryn needs to go down for her first nap three hours after wakening. (I wish!)
7. Kathryn needs an earlier bedtime. (That would explain number six then.)
8. Kathryn needs to stop thinking of herself as only a mother and wife. (Why?)
9. Kathryn needs to lose about fifteen more pounds to get to a healthy weight. (OK. Though if I'm honest twenty five would be better.)
10. Kathryn needs one more ticket for Friday. (Not for Friday, but I do need to get tickets for Wednesday and Saturday - Pirates of the Caribbean III and Angel's band concert, in that order.)

HT: Elizabeth at Frabjous Days


Karen E. said...

I love the new look here, too!

Romany said...

I need a spanking, apparently.


Trinity Prep School said...

Thanks Kathryn,

I posted mine today with a link back to you.