Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean

We saw it ... myself, Angel and Star, and Next Door, as our neighbours are generically known here (all five of them - two adults, three children). We took advantage of it being Orange Wednesday - our mobile phone service provider has a "buy one, get one free" deal for cinema tickets on Wednesdays.

It fell short of the other two - half the time I couldn't fathom out who was trying to do what and why, and at nearly three hours it was over long - but hey! it had pirates, special effects and Jack Sparrow, so we all enjoyed it, despite A-next-door managing to get her foot wedged in the seat and limping out of the cinema, and Angel blundering around in the dark for five minutes after the film finished trying to find one of her shoes. You remember how in the old days pen knifes had assorted unexpected but useful blades? It seems mobile phones are the modern equivalent. Angel's has a built in torch. Who knew?

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Willa said...

Oh, too bad. I liked the first one, didn't care for the second one, and was hoping that the third one would redeem the disappointment. Guess not.

I like the way you call battery-operated lights "torches". I remember encountering that first in the Narnia books when I was about eight and it was difficult for my literal young mind to puzzle out -- I kept trying to imagine medieval style torches that could be carried safely in one's pocket : ).