Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Water baby

I was too busy feeling sorry for myself yesterday to post about Little Cherub's new adventure ... we took her swimming for the first time on Sunday. The Cherub has very decided opinions and has recently been complaining about her bath, so we were not optimistic that she would enjoy joining a family swim. We would have bet on a maximum of five minutes before she became disenchanted with the idea, and would not have been surprised by instant indignation and a hasty retreat. Wrong! She loved it! She stayed happily in the pool for half an hour being swished and towed and "swum" from one person to another. Afterwards she was one seriously exhausted baby. She went out like a light for two hours, and would have slept longer if we hadn't woken her up to feed and get ready for bed. Both Angel and Star were early swimmers, and it looks as though we may have another water baby on our hands.


Alice said...

Wow, I am absolutely amazed by this (especially because my little one is her age, and I never would have thought to try this). How adorable she must have looked enjoying the water!

The Bookworm said...

Oh indeed she did! Very cute! Most babies seem to love the water, so long as it is warm enough. We are lucky in that our local pool has a small, warmer second pool that is ideal for little ones.

Jennifer said...

We went to the beach last week with some friends and their baby - just toddling about, thumping emphatically down on her bottom - who was so very cute in the water swooshing about getting salty and sandy. Babies are adorable!