Saturday, October 07, 2006

Two weeks in

Two full weeks into our school year and we already have a few hits and misses.

Premlata and the Festival of Lights by Rumer Godden (Star)
The Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan (Angel)
- both girls have been begging for me to read more of these
Saint Patrick's Summer by Marigold Hunt (Star)
- catechism the enjoyable way
Maths 2XL CD-Rom (Angel
- two weeks without so much as a squeak of complaint from Angel. She likes using the computer. She likes the teacher's Australian accent. She understands the lessons. She does the worksheets happily. Can this possibly last? I wondered if this was just because the first few lessons were simple, but she whizzed through an exercise on powers of ten, a topic new to her - and new mathematical topics are usually a recipe for disaster.

Art - I like the Artistic Pursuits books, the girls like the Artistic Pursuits books, but somehow we just never get round to them. Either we run out of steam or end up doing something else.
Mother Teresa by Elaine Murray Stone (Angel) - nothing specific wrong with it, but it just hasn't captured our imagination. We are ploughing on, but without much enthusiasm.

Jury's out
Adventure of the Amethyst by Cecily Hallack (Angel) - I love this, but I knew the style would be a stretch for Angel. After a rocky start she's hanging in there, so I have hopes it will take off.
Story of the World vol.2 by Susan Wise Bauer (Star) - when I read to her she just wasn't interested enough to focus, so I switched to having her read it herself. She is only reading a small chunk at a time, but is narrating what she reads quite happily, so again, I have hopes!

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