Sunday, October 08, 2006

Book Review: I is for India

Title: I is for India
Author: Prodeepta Das
Age Suitability: 4 to 8

Another picture book by the same author as Geeta's Day, from the same publisher (Frances Lincoln, who have a track record of publishing beautiful and informative children's books), and with the same lay out. We did not like this one as much as Geeta's Day, finding the alphabet format rather bitty ... jumping from "alphabet" to "bullock cart" to "cinema" seemed artificial, and Star learned less than she did from the more coherent sister book. It does make a light and easy introduction to India, and I think younger children would particularly enjoy the pictures. The book shows the religious diversity of India - not just Hindus and Muslims, but also Christians. The picture for "X is for Xmas" shows what is clearly an Indian Catholic family.

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