Friday, October 20, 2006

Sweet India

You learn something new every day when you homeschool. Today's gem was from Angel's notebook page on India ... "some of India is covered with hot dessert". Hmm ... are we talking chocolate sponge and custard, apple and blackberry crumble, or rice pudding?

I don't think she will mispell desert again for a while!


Princess in Galoshes said...

That's awesome!

I always remembered it as, "desert" has 1 "s" for "sandy, and "dessert" has 2 "s"s for "sweet stuff."

But the image of New Delhi covered in hot fudge syrup is waaaay better.

Karen E. said...

That's so cute!

Alice said...

That is a good one!

Jennifer said...

I had problems with desert and dessert too. I always remembered which was which by saying I wanted 2 desserts after dinner!