Sunday, October 29, 2006


Even though I didn't manage much scrapbooking on Friday it got me inspired and I did four pages yesterday - two with photos from a snowy day last Christmas, and two for Angel's 11th birthday. Star's rock-climbing expedition and First Communion next ... I'm hoping I might get them done this afternoon, then I'll be ready to start on Little Cherub's photos.

While I am on the subject of scrapbooking, I have to enthuse about my favourite scrapbooking resource ... Becky Higgins' Creative Sketches. A kind friend gave me one of her books (after I kept borrowing hers!) and I love it. You can take one of Becky's sketches as inspiration for a layout and then turn it into something individual. Just look up sketches for the number of photos you want to use, choose one that fits the size and shape of your photos and you are away. And there are a number of sketches available online too :). They help me to get over the initial creative hump with a page and give me something I can run with on my own. Love them!

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Alice said...

Thank you for this--I so love everything about scrapbooking (although blogging has taken up every bit of time that could be allocated to it). Maybe I will organize those photos someday!