Sunday, July 30, 2006

Will I never learn?

Note to self: It is time I learned to think - really think - before I do things! In the interests of humility and providing a little entertainment I'll share this morning's moment of utter daftness.

Tevye very kindly made me breakfast to eat in bed this morning - a bowl of cereal, two slices of toast and honey, and a mug of tea. Star bought it up to me on a tray, sloshing some of the tea into the tray on the way. I put the mug on the bedside table and took the plate and bowl, one in each hand. Then I sent Star back downstairs with the tray. At this point I realised the bottom of both plate and bowl were dripping tea and I had nowhere tea-proof to put them. After some dithering the plate went onto a burp cloth left behind by Little Cherub - that would wash OK! That left me with a bowl with tea underneath and nowhere for it to go. At that point I had a moment of madness. After eating breakfast I would be going for a shower - I could wipe the tea off on myself. I would wash OK too! Unfortunately the only part of my anatomy that was conveniently not covered by clothes or bedding was my head. Very big note to self: There are very good reasons why no sane person ever attempts to wipe tea from the bottom of a bowl full of milky cereal on the top of their head. How on earth could it be that I only realised this once I found myself underneath a shower of milk and sultana bran? And I consider myself capable of home educating my children! I shudder for the poor darlings.


Rebecca said...

This is precisely the type of thing that I would do. I followed your reasoning completely. Thanks for the laugh today!

The Bookworm said...

I'm glad someone followed my reasoning. It seemed logical - even reasonable - at the time!

Carrie K. said...

I can see myself doing this, too. Thanks for the laugh.

Karen E. said...

Yup. I could've done it. :-) Love you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Kathryn -

Just wondering if this was meant to be a "balanced breakfast"?