Friday, July 21, 2006

Slings and things

As a new convert to slings I very much enjoyed this post on Rebecca's Babylove blog. I carried Star a lot, but using a Snugli carrier - a very old one inherited from my sister-in-law, not the Tomy ones available now. I was delighted when I managed to buy an identical carrier on ebay for the grand sum of ninety-nine pence, but realised that a carrier with two layers of thick corduroy might not be ideal in the summer. (Though little did I realise just how not-ideal it would be. See the post below!) I decided to try out a ring sling as an alternative and opted for one of these Freedom Slings. Nice cool cotton and no warm padding. After some initial bafflement - what on earth was I supposed to do with all that tail? - Little Cherub and I love it. I also like the fact that they are made as a home business by a mother of twelve. I can't recommend her service highly enough - prompt and helpful replies to queries, and she sent an immediate replacement when it became apparent that the first sling she sent had been lost by the postal service.

Now I have mastered both carrying and nursing Little Cherub in her sling, I have realised it would be much easier with proper nursing tops. Browsing yesterday I found Mamaway UK, a new internet based business run by a mother who started designing her own clothes while nursing her son. I like the clothes and her prices are reasonable; and again, I like supporting a small business. I think I'm going to try the Lucky Leaf polo shirt - looks perfect for nursing in a sling - and the spring twin set. I just have to decide on colours :).

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Rebecca said...

Thank you for the link to Freedom slings. The Murron pouch is similar to the Hotsling brand that sells here in the US. I like that it is ringless and so compact. Their ring slings look comfortable as well, nice and lightweight.

Thank you for mentioning Babylove!