Sunday, July 02, 2006

Our intelligences

Thanks to Theresa at Lapaz Farm Home Learning and her multiple intelligence bonanza I have been exploring our various intelligences. Angel, Star and I all took the MI test with the following results:

Strongest intelligences - Maths / Logical and Linguistic, followed by Musical and Intrapersonal
Weakest - Interpersonal

Strongest intelligences - Musical, Physical and Interpersonal
Weakest - Naturalistic

Strongest intelligences - Musical and Physical, followed by Maths / Logical
Weakest - Naturalistic, Intrapersonal and Visual / Spatial

I'm not entirely sure where this leaves us, but it certainly shows yet again that my children (at least, the two old enough to answer questions!) have very different learning styles and strengths to myself. Also neither fit into the classic academic mould, where Maths / Logical and Linguistic intelligences come to the fore (yes, that's me!). Time to read up a bit more on multiple intelligences ...

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