Friday, July 21, 2006

Hair pulling

Poor baby! It really shouldn't happen! There she was, dozing off happily in her crib, when it all went wrong. The contented dozing was replaced with frantic squawks. I lifted her out to settle her and realised why she was yelling. She had caught hold of a fistful of her own hair. The more she pulled, the more upset she got; the more upset she got, the tighter her grip became and the more she pulled. How do you detach a small hand from something it is determined to cling on to? After failing abysmally I ended up calling for Tevye, who managed to slide the fist off the hair. Poor Little Cherub. Once it stopped hurting she lay there looking both extremely cross and utterly bemused. An unexpected hazard of being a long haired baby!


Amy said...

Aww, poor thing!

Someone once taught me the trick to getting babies/toddlers to let go of something - it has to do with pressing your thumb into their palm. Wish I could explain it better! It's kind of a trial and error thing, lol.

Cay in La. said...

I remember those experiences. What a world we come into, huh?