Monday, July 03, 2006

Rosaries for mothers ... and for children

A dear friend sent me the perfect rosary for a new mother. This one-decade memory rosary lets me say a decade, or two, or two-and-a-bit, as and when I can, then when interrupted - inevitably! - I know where I left off and can restart again later. The wooden beads move along the cord tightly enough that they stay put until deliberately moved back. I am keeping it by my bed to use when Little Cherub wakes at night. One of the forgotten pleasures of having a newborn is the opportunity for quiet prayer time during the small hours. (How I am enjoying rediscovering these forgotten pleasures!)

I am not the only blogger with rosaries on her mind. In this post Karen Edmisten links to a number of rosary colouring pages for children. These are not just pages with pictures of the mysteries to colour, but pages to use while saying the rosary - either to colour a bead as each prayer is said, or for the child to draw her own meditation on each mystery. I have a feeling that Star, and maybe Angel too, would like these.

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Karen E. said...

A wonderful Rosary, Kathryn -- thanks!