Friday, February 24, 2006

Plans for Lent

Star will be making her First Confession next month and her First Communion in May. I'm mortified that I simply haven't done as much to prepare her as I would have liked (blame pregnancy brain and lack of energy). With that in mind I wanted to focus in Lent not just on preparing for Easter, but on something that would deepen our appreciation and understanding of the Mass. The answer? We are going to work on Easter Vigil notebooks using these plans generously shared by the author on the 4 Real message board last year. Other than that I'm going to keep it very simple -if I aim to do too much, nothing will happen - but I'm very tempted to add in this lovely idea for a Lenten Crown shared on Karen Edmisten's blog. Apart from that we will all choose a Lenten sacrifice. I'm going to pick up on another of Karen's ideas and give up complaining. More easily said than done, I suspect. Star is planning to forego sweets and chocolate, and Angel is still considering the matter.

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