Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I can't believe I did that! (Part 2)

On Saturday we decided to visit Ambleside and Lake Windermere. We arrived in Ambleside after a scenic drive around Ullswater and across the fells - Tevye was a little alarmed when I directed him down a narrow road signed 'Ambleside via "The Struggle" ', but to his relief we we were travelling in the right direction and got the cruise downhill, not the struggle uphill. Unlike the last time I visited I had remembered my camera, so I strolled up the drive of Scale How, Charlotte Mason's old House of Education (now known as St.Martin's College) to take a picture. With my mind on finding a good spot for photography I forgot to keep an eye on my feet, tripped and fell headlong, nearly giving Tevye heart failure. Fortunately there was no real damage done apart from bruised and scraped knees. Unfortunately when pregnant I have a tendency to faint if I hurt myself, so after reassuring Tevye that everything was OK I proceeded to flake out. I did the exact same thing when I was expecting Star, in MacDonalds of all places - at least this time I managed to choose more memorable surroundings. I spent the rest of our time in Ambleside clinging tightly to Tevye's arm and keeping a very close eye on my feet. On the bright side, at least my trousers were undamaged - I could have ended up spending the rest of the weekend stuck with clothes with shredded knees - and I did manage to take the photo. So here it is ... Scale How.

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