Monday, February 13, 2006

I can't believe I did that! (Part 1)

We are back from a wonderful, relaxing long weekend away at our all-time favourite hotel ... a weekend interspersed with a number of "I can't believe I did that!" moments on my part. The first one was sartorial. I have reached that stage of pregnancy when none of my normal sized skirts or trousers fit. I'm also trying to keep the number of maternity clothes I have to buy to a budget-saving minimum. As a result my entire lower-half wardrobe is currently two pairs of trousers: a plain, chocolate brown everyday pair bought very cheaply in a sale; and a black jersey pair. I was particularly pleased with this black jersey pair as they are very comfortable, can be worn for everyday, but can also be dressed up with shoes and a nice top to be suitable for times when I need something smarter to wear. I was feeling quite smug that I had something I could wear for dinner in our nice hotel without having either to bust my clothes budget or undergo a last minute "I've nothing to wear!" trauma. When we arrived I was tired, so Tevye unpacked our suitcase. The time came to change for dinner ... "where did you put my black trousers?" said I ... "what black trousers?" he replied. Yes. That's right. I'd left them at home. I had to spend the entire four days in my one, everyday pair of brown trousers - dinner and all. That will teach me to be smug!

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