Friday, February 17, 2006

Goodnight Angel - techie style!

Angel is an unabashed techie. She likes gadgets. She likes computers. Fortunately she also likes boundaries. Once parameters are set she will not step beyond them, and is very responsible over computer limits. As a result, over the last month or so we have been letting her use our old laptop in her room for a short time after she goes to bed. I tend to use the computer in the evenings, so we have fallen into the habit of chatting to each other online for a while. Winks and smileys go a long way. Tonight we established that she now felt better {{large nodding blue smiley}} after a {{glum face}} sort of day. I told her how much I love her, even when she is {{red, angry face}}, but how I like it much better when she is {{big grin}}. She exploded kisses over my computer screen. I sent hugs and kisses back, though I haven't mastered the exploding version. It may be a bizarre way to say goodnight, but we enjoy it. (And she did sneak down for an extra real-life goodnight hug on the pretext of bringing a plate downstairs!)

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