Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Posting sausages

We are a sort of kosher household. No truly orthodox Jew would eat with us, but we have various dietary restrictions in Tevye's honour, the chief of which is that we don't have any pig products in the house. Those of us who are not Jewish eat them, but not at home. We are blessed to have wonderful neighbours who sympathise with our occasional feelings of deprivation and provide myself, Angel and Star with bacon sandwiches. When pregnant, I predictably crave bacon, ham, sausages and other banned items. I now know the definition of a truly good neighbour ... someone who can come home from work to find a half-eaten package of pork sausages has been shoved through her letter box, know exactly why it is there, and put it into her fridge for future consumption without batting an eyelid!

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..Michele Q said...

Oh I love this - it's hilarious! What good neighbors!