Saturday, January 28, 2006

Companionable computing

Tevye has taken Star to her First Communion class and dance classes, leaving Angel and I at home on our own. She has a cold so is skipping music school this morning in order to conserve energy for a dance class this afternoon, to be followed by a bowling trip for a friend's birthday. I have been struggling all week with some sort of bug and am conserving energy for a trip to IKEA this afternoon to buy a new wardrobe for Angel's new room. We are both sitting up in my bed blogging companionably on laptops and munching on potato crisps (chips to those of you over the pond!). She is adding another Haiku to her blog - she has a private one for which just a few friends and relatives have the address - while simultaneously IM-ing with a dancing friend. For once I'm only doing one thing at a time!

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