Friday, January 13, 2006

Classroom comments

I was amused by a classroom exchange reported to Angel by J-next-door.

Teacher: Of course, everyone has to go to school.
L (J's friend, who knows Angel): No, they don't. Some children are home educated.
Teacher: Yes, but I'm sure you don't know anyone who doesn't go to school.
L: Yes, I do. J's neighbours are home educated.
J: That's right. My neighbours don't go to school. Their Mum teaches them at home.
Teacher: Humph! Well, they must have lots of money to buy books. That's why you lot have to come to school.

Angel pointed out that this was silly - "you don't have to be rich to homeschool. And anyway, we know lots of people richer than us who don't homeschool!"

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Karen E. said...

Well, since I am married to a school teacher, and I don't work outside the home, we are living testimony that a family needn't be rich to homeschool.