Sunday, January 22, 2006

Book shopping

I have just enjoyed myself spending an unexpected Amazon gift voucher. I ended up buying:

Daily Lenten Meditations from Pope John Paul II. That will be my spiritual reading for Lent.

The Gift of Julian of Norwich by Karen Manton. Doesn't this look lovely? I have a soft spot for Dame Julian, and my interest was reignited when I visited her cell in St.Julian's Church, Norwich during the summer.

Darwin's Black Box by Michael Behe. For my science reading. I've wanted to read this one for a while, and can't get it from the library.

The Tale of Hill Top Farm by Susan Wittig Albert. Light reading. A mystery set in the Lake District, with Beatrix Potter as the sleuth.

How the Heather Looks by Joan Bodger. Another book that has been on my wishlist for a while.


Cay said...

This is the first time I've heard about "How the Heather Looks".

I checked the description at and feeel the delight of a new find.

Thanks for mentioning it. : )

The Bookworm said...

As recommended by MacBeth at MacBeth's Opinion :). Another of her recommendations, Storybook Travels by Colleen Dunn Bates and Susan da Tempa also looks good. I was tempted by Once Upon a Time in Great Britain: A Travel Guide to the Sights and Settings of Your Favourite Children's Books by Melanie Wentz, but Amazon UK had a 6 week wait :(.

Mary G said...

You'll love the Tale of Hill Top Farm -- how I wish I could write like that!