Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bubbling over

Yesterday Angel, who is always energised by company, went out for a friend's birthday treat. Six ten and eleven year olds (including Angel's three best dancing buddies) were taken ice skating followed by pizza. When she got home at 8pm she was bubbling over ... "We went for pizza and we had a whole pizza each ... and I ate all of mine ... there were eight slices and it had lots of pepperoni ... and one of J's friends was a really good ice skater 'cos she goes every Saturday ... and she taught me tricks ... and O got a huge blister and she is allergic to plasters (Band Aids) so someone had to get her special padding ... and when we went for our pizza J's Mum had to tell us to stop talking and start eating ... and the waitress wanted to know how old J was to know how many candles to put on her cake ... and she thought she was thirteen not eleven ... and we had cake and ice cream ... and ..." All this while executing a series of one-handed cartwheels, handstands and back walkovers because she was too excited to stay still. I think she enjoyed herself.

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