Wednesday, June 01, 2011

This Week: 31st May 2011

This Week ...

The weather ... the week started badly with a nasty, cold, damp bank holiday, but it has warmed up, dried out and long range forecast is predicting a warm, dry June.

I am wearing ... blue jeans, pink t-shirt and purple cardigan. Colour blocking!

I am reading ... about data protection. Ugh! Seems I can't manage both studying and pleasure reading.

I am creating ... almost at the end of the second sleeve of my cardigan. Finished my cotton socks, and have started a colourwork pair. Will post a picture when I have more time.

I am listening ... Tevye reading Ramona the Brave to Cherub.

I am watching ... Britain's Got Talent,  The Apprentice, So You Think You Can Dance, and Upstairs, Downstairs Series 4 on iTunes. Have got behind with Doctor Who.

I am enjoying ... knitting something challenging (the new socks). Mostly I knit stuff that I can knit while reading.

I am planning ... Cherub's birthday party for Sunday (her birthday isn't until next Wednesday, but the weekend before works best for her party). A dozen small girls and a bouncy castle in the garden.

Learning notes ... Angel's science exams went rather better than she was expecting (phew!). Only maths, graphic products, ICT and one RE exam left to go.

Cherub ... is in a state of high excitement about the whole birthday thing. Five, in her estimation, is BIG.

On the calendar ... a busy week, which is why I am so late posting this.

Tuesday: a family day trip to the seaside (Brighton, on the south coast)
Wednesday: a play date for Cherub with her best school friend
Thursday: archive day
Friday: a day at the zoo with Little Friend N and his mum
Saturday: a trip to a nearby town for a free kite festival. Cherub is hoping to take her own kite to fly, but there isn't much wind forecast, so she may be disappointed.
Sunday: Cherub's birthday party

On the menu ...

Monday: Sweet chili beef kebabs and potato wedges
Tuesday: We ate out in Brighton (taking advantage of Tesco Clubcard coupons to visit Cafe Rouge) Wednesday: Pizza for assorted girls; sausage and mash for Tevye and myself
Thursday: Chicken in breadcrumbs and chips
Friday: Baked potatoes with tuna mayonnaise and / or coleslaw
Saturday: Burgers? Maybe?
Sunday: Whatever we can fit in around Cherub's party

On my to-do list ... mostly party organising! Also tidying, cleaning and maybe trying to put flowers into pots in the garden before the party.

A picture from last week ... or rather, from Brighton yesterday. A sign spotted on the door of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Or Krispy Kreme No Doughnuts. Duh!


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Karen Edmisten said...

Five IS big! Can't believe Cherub is big. Isn't she still supposed to be a toddler?? :)

And, oh, how I love Ramona the Brave.