Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Quirkiness

There are days when I relish the quirkiness and randomness of family life, and others when I wonder how I ever manage to hold on to a thought for long enough to make it coherent. Then there are times when I just feel too OLD for all this, and long for a quiet, peaceful, predictable existence, particularly one without a constant background wail of "what can I EAT!!!!" (I knew teenage boys had big appetites. Nobody warned me about teenage girls.)

Sample randomness from yesterday morning:

  • "Look! I drew a centipede with its make up."
  • "Where's my PE kit?"
  • "Don't put the bag on the dead moth!"
  • "Where's my toothbrush?"
  • "I wish I hadn't let Star use my toothbrush, it's all icky now"
  • "Where is my flowery top?"
  • "I'd feel safer if you put your unicorn down while we are in the car."
Most of this while I was trying to shower and dress. Is it surprising I have been known to take Cherub to school wearing items of clothing inside out? (Me, not her! Well, probably her as well, though I don't remember a specific instance - though there was the day she went to school knickerless because nobody thought to check she was wearing any.)

Then at night time, just as I was about to go to sleep ... screams from Star, who had spotted a daddy longlegs in her bedroom. Tevye caught it and flushed it. Cherub was roused by the commotion, just enough to decide that there was a spider in her bed (there wasn't!) and get hysterical. Star comforted Cherub then went back to her own room, where she spotted another daddy longlegs. Cherub howled because she had been abandoned. The daddy longlegs disappeared. Star refused to sleep in a room with a bug on the loose. Cherub refused to let go of Star. In the end I pulled a mattress out for Star in Cherub's room and she slept there. By which time, of course, I was wide awake and just about clinging on to sanity.

For your delectation and delight, the centipede with its make up - eye shadow and powder, I believe (drawn on Fingerpaint on the iPad):

More random quirkiness ... Cherub just spotted this picture and was inspired to add to it. The centipede now has chicken pox:

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Like sunshine in the home said...

Love the quirkiness.

Every morning here is chaos, we are always running late, we always arrive at school by the skin of our teeth, Chatterbox went to school knickerless once, though it wasn't too bad because she was wearing tights that day! :)

The craziness of family life eh?

Tell Cherub the centipede is beautiful (and I hope the poor insect's chicken pox is gone soon!) - we're reading James and the Giant Peach and I wonder how long it takes Cherub's centipede to get her shoes on? :)