Saturday, June 11, 2011

Liam the Lion

Like Angel at the same age - though possibly even more so? - Cherub likes to make things. She always  has scissors, sellotape and a glue stick readily available, and will ask for PVA glue if she needs it. For materials she usually just uses paper or whatever she can find rifling through the recycling bag. Sometimes she remembers she has a plastic jar full of collage stuff and uses that. Today she asked for four clothes pegs from the washing line, added paper and sellotape, and after a bit of colouring, cutting and sticking ... ta-da!

Liam the Lion.

I asked her if she meant Leo the Lion, but no ... definitely Liam.


Like sunshine in the home said...

I keep getting error messages on your other post (Blogger doesn't like me today). I'd say train (to the question on your previous post) - unless it gets so packed you can't find a seat because then it's not relaxing at all!

I love Liam the Lion! :)

Melanie B said...

So cute. She is very handy with her hands, isn't she? Bella has only just got the hang of scissors enough to cut things but isn't very skilled yet. She's not all that interested in drawing recognizable things yet.

The Bookworm said...

Sunshine - Blogger really doesn't like you at the moment, does it!

Melanie, the handiness is very like her eldest sister. Angel was into writing and drawing well before reading, and did the same sort of thing at the same age. Now she has chosen product design as one of her A-level courses (equivalent of junior / senior years of high school but more specialised). That includes both design and construction - everything from graphic design to metalwork. Interesting that her leaning in that direction has carried through from pre-school up to young adulthood, so I'm guessing Cherub's may do the same. Angel has also been computer techy since she was little - Cherub isn't so much, but seems science oriented. She likes to find out how things work and to problem solve. Yesterday she was drawing "inventions" (an apple picker-upper machine and a four ended crayon!)

Melanie B said...

It's fascinating how those tendencies show up so early. How the need to make things with her hands just seems to be innate with both Cherub and Angel. While Bella on the other hand is extremely creative but she's a storyteller. She gets distracted in the middle of drawing or writing because of the story in her head. She's never been all that interested in learning to master making shapes, her drawings are pretty abstract, because some dashes of color are enough to get another story going.