Monday, June 13, 2011

This Week: 13th June 2011

The weather ... cold and damp again. So much for flaming June!

I am wearing ... blue jeans, black and purple floral top, purple cardigan

I am reading ... my reading has stalled again.

I am creating ... socks. One simple cotton pair and one colourwork pair. I am procrastinating over finishing off the cotton cardigan.

I am hearing ... Star in the shower and Chuggington on the TV.

I am watching ... Doctor Who. I caught up on two episodes, and just have the last episode of the latest series to go.

I am enjoying ... salt and vinegar flavour Hula Hoops (potato rings). I need to get out of the snacking habit!

I am planning ... logistics once I start my job. It all seems to work out in theory. Let's hope it works in practice!

Learning notes ... I just spent a week bogged down in the details of data protection, freedom of information and copyright. Not my favourite part of the course! Moving on to something more interesting this week.

Cherub ... What I interpreted as tears before bedtime brought on by over excitement on her birthday turned out to be her going down with a virus. She woke up with a high temperature on Thursday, and is only now coming out the other end.

On the calendar ...

Tuesday: School sports day for Star
Thursday: Angel's last GCSE exam. Yay!!!!
Friday: Routine vision test for Cherub in the afternoon; Sociable evening with our lovely neighbours.
Saturday: First Communions
Sunday: Helping to organise a celebration for the First Communicants

On the menu ...

Spoonfed Suppers. I decided my menu planning was in a rut and needed some variety. The three menu items marked with an asterisk are from the Spoonfed Suppers. We have only tried one new recipe so far - inside out chicken Kiev, which everyone liked.

Monday - * lime and thyme chicken with sweet potato mash
Tuesday - * beef ragu with fusilli
Wednesday - eating out (to celebrate my new job)
Thursday - fishcakes and chips
Friday - ??
Saturday - * dill salmon and new potatoes
Sunday - roast beef or lamb

On my to-do list ... studying and catching up on housework. Time to get back on track with Motivated Moms again. Also my phone contract expires next month, so I want to check out upgrading to an iPhone. Swoon.

A picture from last week ... another bouncy castle picture

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Melanie B said...

We've got cold and damp today too. I'm wearing wool socks and a pullover sweater and have a blanket on my lap while I'm nursing Anthony. In June!

I love that picture. They are so clearly sisters! I like Cherub's hairdo too. Very sophisticated. I'm guessing one of her sisters did it?