Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advent Snippets

Cherub greeted the news that we would get the the Nativity set out today with bouncing and squeals of excitement. "The Nativity set! The Nativity Set! We can have it today! ... [pause] ... What is a Nativity set?"

We have the Playmobil Nativity. Since last year Joseph has gone missing. A shepherd is now wearing Joseph's clothes, and a friar is masquerading as a shepherd. Every time I see him the anachronism makes me wince.

Cherub is learning songs for the school Christmas concert. Talking about shepherds and kings jogged her memory: "That was in my song! A king bought gold for a present, and a shepherd bought something called myrhh". Close.

I was hugely impressed that I not only had four brand new purple candles for the Advent wreath stashed away in the Advent / Christmas box, but also two full boxes of Hannukah candles I had forgotten about.

Less impressively, I do not yet have Advent calendars.

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LeeAnn Balbirona said...

One day left to buy your Advent calendars! :) I ended up getting two at IKEA and two at Borders book shop...because all four of my children want a different scene and they all want the chocolate filled kind.

Happy Advent...thanks for the book list in the previous post. Looking for something new to add to our Christmas collection.