Thursday, November 25, 2010

Advent Books

I have had the idea of wrapping up a book for each day of Advent filed away in my head for a while now, and I have finally taken the plunge and decided that this year I would put it into action for Cherub. I now have a neat pile of books wrapped and waiting (apart from two still to come from the library). Some are religious, some secular and there are three Hannukah books thrown in for good measure. Whether Cherub will let me read them all to her, I don't know. She is more open to new books than she was last year - then she knew what she liked and liked what she knew - but she is still likely to take against things for reasons I can't fathom, so we will go with the flow. Some of the books are short and sweet toddler board books, getting what I guess will be their last run out before Cherub outgrows them.

This is what I have lined up for her:

  • Nov 28th - The Christmas Story (Brian Wildsmith)
  • Nov 29th - Merry Christmas, Blue Kangaroo
  • Nov 30th - Jesus is Born (pop-up book)
  • Dec 1st - My First Hannukah (DK board book)
  • Dec 2nd - Light the Lights: Celebrating Hannukah and Christmas
  • Dec 3rd- Hannukah (board book)
  • Dec 4th - The First Christmas (Lois Rock)
  • Dec 5th - The Innkeeper (board book)
  • Dec 6th - Saint Nicholas (Mary Joslin)
  • Dec 7th - Christmas Trolls (Jan Brett)
  • Dec 8th - Mog's Christmas (Judith Kerr)
  • Dec 9th - Angelina's Christmas (Katherine Holabird)
  • Dec 10th - The Story of Old Befana (Tomie de Paola)
  • Dec 11th - The Nutcracker (Usborne Books)
  • Dec 12th - The Shepherds (board book)
  • Dec 13th - Lucia, Saint of Light
  • Dec 14th - The Twelve Days of Christmas (Jan Brett)
  • Dec 15th - Country Angel Christmas (Tomie de Paola)
  • Dec 16th - Little Grey Rabbit's Christmas (Alison Uttley)
  • Dec 17th - The Nutcracker (pop-up book)
  • Dec 18th - Jesus is Born (Little Fish book)
  • Dec 19th - The Wise Men (board book)
  • Dec 20th - Jesus is Born (Treasure Chest book)
  • Dec 21st - The Wild Christmas Reindeer (Jan Brett)
  • Dec 22nd - Jingle the Christmas Clown ( Tomie de Paola)
  • Dec 23rd - The Legend of the Poinsettia (Tomie de Paola)
  • Dec 24th - The Story of Christmas (Jane Ray)


Linds said...

What a lovely idea! I found the most beautiful book for Advent, you know - It is called Getting Ready for Christmas by Yolanda Browne. Each day there is a story, a prayer and an activity. Amazon has a 4 week delivery but the Book Depository has it in stock, and it is absolutely great.

Melanie B said...

I've contemplated doing this. It looks like fun and I think my little bookworms would enjoy it. I have to look through our books to see if we have enough for one a day. And then find paper to wrap them in. Maybe if I find extra energy tomorrow, I might tackle it. If not, then perhaps I'll just keep it on hold till next year.

Jan said...

That sounds a lovely idea. I love our collection of Advent books, and actually got them out last week as we're going to be away for part of Advent and didn't want to miss out on any of them.

Like sunshine in the home said...

What a great idea. I have very few Christmas books, we're going with the rather dull Hello Kitty Advent Calendars! But we do have our Advent candles too.