Saturday, November 13, 2010

7 Quick Takes: 12th November

1. First, an update on my Mum ... she had her op - finally! - and seems to me to be doing pretty well. Despite post-operative pain and some nausea (painkiller induced?) she looks much better than she did following her hip replacement four years ago. She is well enough to grumble, which I take as a good sign! (In fairness I must add that she is not by nature a grumbler, but after all the messing about she has endured over the past few months she has reached a point of irritation with all things medical).

2. I think a commenter on my Bonfire Night takes last week hit the nail on the head - as she put it, "we just secretly like to burn stuff". The opportunity to burn stuff and to let off fireworks is what keeps Bonfire Night popular. Unfortunately fires and fireworks come with risks attached. There was a nasty accident at a local bonfire night event on Monday when a rogue firework flew into the watching crowd. Three girls from Star's year at school and their families were in the line of fire - from what I have heard the injuries were relatively minor burns, but it could have been an awful lot worse.

3. We are being doorstepped by a cat. We think he lives further up the road in a house that was sold recently, but he seems to think he should live with us. He is a beautiful and very affectionate cat, and it is getting harder and harder to leave him sitting mournfully on the step when he decides to pay us a visit, especially when it is cold and wet outside.

4. Interesting article of the week: Twinkie Diet Helps Nutrition Professor Lose 27 Pounds. Twinkies aren't within my cultural frame of reference, but I'm sure I can guess some British substitutes. What the professor really proved was that the essential for losing weight is number of calories consumed, whether on not those calories are empty, sugary ones. To his surprise, he not only lost weight, but various health markers improved - presumably because eating too much is far worse for health than eating badly but modestly.

5. Archive word of the week: Slipe. I have come across lots of fields named "The Slipe", but can't find a definition in the dictionary. My guess is that it is a narrow "slip" of land. Also the best statement of the obvious in the tithe apportionments I am transcribing ... Place name: Part of River Thames; State of Cultivation: Water.

6. Both Angel and Star are happy bunnies as they have acquired new phones in the last week. Angel had reached the end of her previous contract (which she pays for herself out of her allowance) and upgraded to an HTC Wildfire - touchscreen with Wifi and Android, so lots to play with. Star's old phone was rickety and kept losing signal so she spent some birthday money on a ZTE Touch from Argos. I have to say that at the price - almost half the price of buying the same phone direct from Three - this seems a bargain. Very cute, pink, does more than I would expect for the price, and - so far - does it well.

7. Why is it that my daughters are so very good at switching lights on, but apparently incapable of ever turning them off?


Pamela said...

My Mum got hit in the face with a firework years ago - at a Bonfire Night event organized by the local fire department! Praise God the injury was minor, but scary all the same.

PixieMum said...

Hope your Mum continues to make good progress.