Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Night Duty

Between 10.30pm and 1.30am last night I ...

  • applied Vicks Vapour Rub to coughing child
  • checked child's peak flow
  • gave foot rub to insomniac child
  • tucked up grumpy insomniac child
  • comforted crying child and tucked her up in her own bed
  • comforted crying child and tucked her up in my bed (child stopped crying)
  • put child back in her own bed (child started crying)
  • gave Nurofen to child complaining of hurting knee
  • gave hungry child a cheesestring
  • drank mug of Horlicks
  • watched one episode of Little Princess and three of Peppa Pig
  • put child back to bed
  • gave up on trying to sleep and curled up on sofa with laptop
  • went upstairs to give child drink of water (twice)
  • managed not to lose patience
  • dozed off on sofa
Sometimes I want a job with regular hours.


    Susan said...

    Oh dear! Poor you - was it the same child each time? Hope tonight is better.

    The Bookworm said...

    No, two different children. At least at one point the crying small one distracted the grumpy middle-sized one from her woes!

    Shari said...

    Wow! Give yourself a gold star for patience!! I hope they are feeling better soon. (and you don't come down with anything!)

    Jennifer said...

    I was up with you! I had to dash out to a 24 hour pharmacy - oh the coughing!
    I love Peppa Pig!

    Missus Wookie said...

    Ugh - mind you you can look forward to when you and Tevye keep THEM up all night :)

    Hope that everyone sleeps well tonight.

    Dorothy said...

    That's amazing that you did not become impatient! Well done!

    Theresa said...

    A loving mama, they may not remember these exact moments, but they remember the feeling of our love.