Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Nativity According To Cherub

I got the Playmobil nativity set out today for Cherub. Various snippets overheard since ...

"Stop that, you naughty sheep!"

"They went to Bethlehem ... and the bag was on the tail of the camel."

("Reading" from the Nativity story booklet - in German - included in the box) "The baby was born ... and then the shepherds went back to the fields."

(Singing) "They see'd a star
And came from far ..."


Missus Wookie said...

Love the bag on the back of the camel - had huge problems yesterday as the boxes wouldn't balance on the back of the playmobil camels. Mary does on the donkey - with the help of bluetak :)

Have you seen this?

The Bookworm said...

No, I hadn't seen it ... very interesting!

Dorothy said...

She's piecing it altogether then! LOL!