Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cherub the Toy Snatcher

I often take Cherub to a Tuesday afternoon toddler play session at the local community centre. As yesterday's session was coming to a close Cherub rushed up to another small girl and blatantly snatched a toy out of her arms. Mortified, we returned the toy and apologised, and Cherub got a lecture on (1) snatching, and (2) not doing it.

As we arrived home, I suddenly realised what was behind this sudden outbreak of anti-social behaviour ...

Me: When you took the toy, did you want to play with it, or did you want to put it away?

Cherub: Put it away!

Ah! All was explained. Like her eldest sister, Cherub is a rule follower. Once she has parameters fixed in her mind, they are well and truly fixed. At the end of the play session the children help to tidy up. Cherub had spotted the toy and decided that it had not been tidied. And it should have been tidied. So she took it upon herself to tidy it. Unfortunately, it happened to belong to the small girl, not the playgroup ... and her methods left something to be desired!


Mrs. Jane Doe said...

It was very wise of you to ask later on about the toy snatching. I can't tell you how many times I had assumed something about my children and been upset at what they did instead of stopping long enough to figure out the whys or even asking.

Good Job Momma!


Karen E. said...

Oh, what a sweetie! Isn't it lovely what just a simple question to clarify can do? You're such a thoughtful mommy.

The Bookworm said...

It puzzled me because it seemed out of character ... she will stand her ground if another child wants something she is playing with, and isn't above a bit of mutual pushing and shoving if two of them go for the same thing at the same time ... but outright snatch and grab isn't like her at all. And also, I couldn't see why that particular toy was suddenly so irresistible!

Anonymous said...
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