Saturday, March 14, 2009

7 Quick Takes


1. Angel will be 14 tomorrow. How did that happen? Having both a teenager and a toddler certainly makes me appreciate just how fast children grow up and how precious the time is.

2. Today's Cherubism: we had pitta bread for lunch, which we haven't had for a while and Cherub was intrigued ... "Peter? Is that Peter like Peter Rabbit?"

3. On Thursday I took the sides off Cherub's cot (crib) and turned it into a toddler bed. I had suggested it several times over the last few months but she was very reluctant. Suddenly she decided she liked the idea and is very pleased to be able to climb in and out of her own bed.

4. Sorting out Cherub's bed was one of those jobs that started simple, but set off a chain reaction. The chain of events went this way: take sides of cot ... realise Cherub's nose will be five inches from a plug socket and she will almost certainly manage to remove the socket cover ... bow to the inevitable and shuffle furniture around ... decide it is all in the wrong place and shuffle again ... end up with a chair that no longer fits ... decide I would like the chair in our bedroom ... shuffle things round in our bedroom ... discover shoving heavy furniture with my knees was not the best idea ... spend next two days with stiff, bruised knees.

5. Thank you to those of you who gave suggestions about clothes for skinny toddlers last week. No cheap versions of Gap here in the UK, unfortunately - can't believe I didn't think of eBay though! And they don't seem to sell long socks for Cherub's baby-sized feet, only for school aged children. But I did find a couple of pairs of cheap leggings to wear under skirts, which should tide her over until the weather gets warmer.

6. I decided on desserts to make for our Irish themed meal with our neighbours tonight ... baby guinness (chocolate mousse with whipped cream), though I'm going to use Bailey's Irish Cream instead of guinness to add flavour, and blackberry and apple crumble. It was going to be gooseberry crumble, but gooseberries are so out of season I can't find any. K-next-door is cooking braised lamb shanks and vegetables for the main course, and A-and-D-next-door-but-one are making potato, leek and smoked salmon soup for the starter.

7. Saving the best news of the week until last ... we bought a car! After fourteen years of being a one car family we finally caved in and decided to get another. No more juggling around Tevye's office hours, or logistical nightmares involving needing to be in two places at once. It is a Renault Clio, in a colour Renault call "eclipse", but I would call "gunmetal grey" (it was that or black or an awful lot more money). Hopefully it will arrive in time for Tevye's birthday in a couple of weeks.


Karen E. said...

Happy birthday, Angel!

And, #4 made me laugh, as it's exactly the sort of thing that would happen here. And, usually when I had NOT planned enough time for such things! :-0

Anonymous said...

Did anyone recommend baby legwarmers? There's a company that makes them in the States but they might be available in Britain; they are in Australia. I think it was Baby Legs. There are also instructions on the web for making them. They are very cute and my three year old (also a skinny minny) can still wear them. If Cherub is extra tall they may not work but if you just need them for an extra bit of length at the bottom they should be fine, perhaps even for a couple of years.

Elisabeth is so thin that skirts won't stay up without nappies. And she doesn't wear nappies in the day anymore! So many cute skirts, too...


Dorothy said...

New car, eh? Try to make sure no one throws up in the back of it in the first month, won't you? LOL!