Friday, March 27, 2009

7 Quick Takes


1. What does it say about me that I started writing my Quick Takes from the bottom up, dotted around randomly in the middle, and ended with number one?

2. How is it that Lent can seem to rush by so fast, yet it seems such a long time without chocolate?

3. Poor Star is drowning under science homework in preparation for SATS tests in May. Last night there was sobbing, wailing and gnashing of teeth as she worked through a booklet of questions on plants.

4. Cherub loves to play I Spy, which is a surreal experience ...

Cherub: I spy with my little eye something beginning with D
Me: Can you give me a clue?
Cherub: Yes. It is something pretty. It is ... of course ... a rainbow.

Cherub: I spy with my little eye something beginning with W. It is something you open.
Me: Window?
Cherub: Good guess, but you are wrong. It is ... of course ... a door.

5. Elaborating on yesterday's snoozing post ... she slept like that for about ten minutes before I made the mistake of trying to pick her up and lie her on the sofa (one instantly awake, cross Cherub!). She was like a little nodding dog - her head would drop a bit, then she would jerk herself upright again. I tried to take a short movie, but I as I haven't a clue how the movie mode works on my camera it didn't work.

6. I cannot overstate how much I love Playmobil. Angel and Star played with it for countless hours, and I think Cherub would be perfectly happy if she never had any other toy.

7. Anyone else having problems with the Chinese blog spammer? If Blogger doesn't deal with him soon I'm going to have to start moderating posts until he goes away.

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Karen E. said...

Oh, I love little Cherub's I Spy responses! How incredibly cute.

katherine said...

Me too. Those I Spy responses are priceless. You'll be so glad to have those written down.

Jan said...

I remember random I spy. When Megan was about three she constantly wanted to play, but it always began with P and was usually something random and not seen at all. My favourite was Argentina.

Dorothy said...

Oh my goodness, I miss having toddlers around! They are so good for a belly laugh!

Is the spammer Chinese or Japanese? How would you know? LOL! No, I've not had trouble but then I do moderate posts.

PLaymobile is GREAT! My 2, but especially G, loved it and would spend hours making 'set-ups' which we were not allowed to move for days.