Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Toddler Grammar

I love it! Little Cherub is at the stage where she mostly gets the words right, but the order is often rather tangled up. A couple of examples from today ...

Discussing high chairs and who was and was not using one when we went out for lunch today:
Cherub: "My just" (= "just me")

K-next-door, teasing: "You're a monkey!"
Cherub, determinedly: "No I not am!"


Jennifer said...

That so cute! My son was just doing the alphabet cards and saying, "'B' for is ball!" instead of "is for" I love it. So cute.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is doing that, too! It is a bit like she's gone backwards in talking, although I think it really is that she is becoming more creative in what she says- rather than repeating phrases.

My favourite is "I do it my byself".

I keep meaning to answer posts and say how many similarities we have in our lives with toddlers and older children and being similar ages ourselves. I enjoy reading your blog for that- as well as the interesting differences.

BTW, a FIAR book which would be alovely follow up to the honey book is How to Make An Apple Pie and See the World. Not too American, either. You should be able to get it from Book Depository. (Love that place- free shipping to Australia!)

who also has a blog; which is sadly neglected atm

The Bookworm said...

Pam, I think you are exactly right - it is a step forward that can seem like a step back because she isn't just memorising phrases. I can see the mental wheels churning as she tries hard to work out just how to fit those words together, only to have it come out cutely wrong. And then there are all those mistakes that are entirely logical - foots for feet, and that sort of thing.

I have How to Make An Apple Pie and See the World, but never thought about it going well with Honey Biscuits. I must pull it off the shelf. Maybe next week we can make apple pie :).

I hope you are doing well with your two little ones and are not too exhausted. There are times I feel worn out with just one little one ... much as I hate to admit it, my body won't let me forget that I am on the old side for this game!

Dorothy said...

Oh I love those steps in grammar learning!

My favourite was: 'It's mine ball!'