Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kitchens, Toddlers, Britain and America

An addendum to my post about my little kitchen helper ... I realised yesterday when cooking a recipe that used cup measurements how much harder cups are for a toddler than British-style measuring using weight. I use a digital scale that can be used with any tub or bowl. When Little Cherub is baking I put a square-based plastic tub on the scale and she scoops ingredients into that. Using wobbly cups is a whole different ball game for little hands!

Mind you, I did make the mistake of showing her how to "zero" the scale before she starts spooning. Now I have to persuade her it is not a good idea to zero the scale at random intervals while measuring ...

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Melanie B said...

Oh that totally makes sense. I use a digital scale to measure my flour when baking bread, but otherwise use cups. The other day when I was baking bread Isabella thought the scale was a kitchen timer. "When the timer goes off..." she began as she looked at the numbers.