Monday, October 06, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook: 6th October

For Monday 6th October

Outside My Window ... sun shining through clouds and an early morning frost

I am thinking ... I should go to bed earlier. I'm sitting here yawning.

From the learning rooms (school) ... Angel has been working on surface areas of solids using MyMaths. If (when?) they make this available to individuals it would be a great tool for homeschoolers. Currently it is only available to schools. Star has Book Day on Friday and gets to dress up as a literary character. She wants to be Bugs Bunny, and has made herself a carrot. No, Bugs Bunny is not a literary character. Do I tell her that? They also get to skip normal lessons for the day and spend it in small groups writing picture books.

I am thankful for ... a thirteen year old daughter who is sensible, responsible and a pleasure to have around

From the kitchen ... banana bread and shipwreck stew, one of my favourite quick and easy crockpot standbys.

I am wearing ... black jeans, black and cream striped sweater, Crocs, mother-of-pearl disc pendant necklace.

I am creating ... a couple of big knitting projects - a puppet theatre and a small blanket made of cable patterned strips. Both stalled a few months ago, and I think the time has come to get back to them.

I am going ... to try to lose weight. I need to lose about 30lbs.

I am reading ... Leonie Martin: a Difficult Life, by Marie Baudoin-Croix

I am hoping ... to get moving and go to the gym at least twice this week

I am hearing ... Little Cherub muttering to herself as she eats a pear

Around the house ... dead lightbulbs. Why do they all go phut at the same time? Three in as many days.

One of my favorite things ... crisp autumn days

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... a nice quiet week, with very little on the calendar.

Here is picture thought I am sharing ... my adoptive grandmother, taken early 1900s. I love old photos.

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Jennifer said...

Old photos are the best, especially children!

emma said...

Thanks for sharing your daybook. It was really interesting to read. I am going to have a go at your shipwreck stew later this week.

Love your photo. As the above commenter said the old ones are the best.

Have a great week

marye said...

What a great photo!
I need to lost about 20 lbs as well but metabolism is on pause and I am not ready to do a low carb diet. Eating carefully does not work for me anymore. :P

Sandra said...

I love old photographs :)

I enjoyed reading your daybook.

Meredith said...

That is the coolest photo of your grandmother! I absolutely love your new banner, just beautiful!