Friday, October 31, 2008

One of Those Days

It has been one of those toddler days. Little Cherub has been in assertive almost two and a half year old mood ...

She came downstairs this morning at the same time as Star, and complained that she wanted Star to stay upstairs. I pointed out that it was Star's house as well as hers and Star was perfectly within her rights to come downstairs if she wanted to. Cherub's indignant response: "Is not Star's house. Is Cherub's house!"

I threw some leftover popcorn in the bin. Cherub had a meltdown when I wouldn't let her fish it out of the bin to eat. After a while it went quiet ... until I heard the click of the bin lid from the kitchen and got there just in time to see her with a mouthful of popcorn.

We went out for a pizza lunch with Grandma and Star. Cherub noticed balloons on the way in. Part way through the meal she managed to bite her own finger as well as her pizza and announced sorrowfully "balloon will make me better". Sorrow turned rapidly to indignation until a helpful waiter supplied her with a balloon. A blue balloon.

We went into a clothes store where Star tried on a dress. The changing room had a curtain instead of a door - a curtain slightly smaller than the doorway (why???), so I had to stand holding it closed. That meant letting go of Cherub and leaving Grandma in charge. Cherub is considerably faster than Grandma who is 81 and has limited mobility. Cherub ran laps around a display rack, went walk-about behind the tills, and discovered a stand full of beads and bracelets. Fortunately I managed to get to her before she created havoc with them. Just.

It didn't get any better after we got home. Overall, today outdid Wednesday. That was the day that started with Cherub insisting she wanted to wear a swimsuit to go to the dentist's ...

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Melanie B said...

Oh I feel for you. We've been having many rough patches. And lots of separation anxiety. When we go out Bella freaks if anyone, Dom, my dad, or myself gets out of sight. Oh the screaming the other day when I jumped in to move the car out of the driveway so the movers could get in! Only to be expected with all the upheaval, so I'm trying to be patient.