Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 31st: Ode to Mary

To wrap up my Around the World With Our Lady series, and to celebrate today's Feast of the Visitation, here is an Ode to Mary, by Peter Heintz:

Ode to Mary

O Blessed Mary
Immaculate Virgin
Most holy and pure
free of all sin

Mother of God
and all mankind
Loving and gentle
sweet and kind

Full of grace
and merciful
Perpetual help
and prayerful

Our Lady of Sorrows
so sorrowful
Soul eternally spotless
so beautiful

Messenger of God
our intercessor
Perfect human
our protector

To save mankind
reveal Your faces
at Knock, Tre-Fontane
and other places

At La Salette
and at Pontmain
At Rue du Bac
and at Beauraing

Lady of Carmel
and Guadalupe
Lady of Fatima
and Medjugorje

Lady of the Rosary
and of Lourdes' Shrine
Lily of the Valley
Torch of Love sublime

Cape of Juan Diego
Song of Bernadette
Miracle at Fatima
the world dare not forget

Queen of Peace
and of Heaven above
Queen of Earth
And Queen of Love

You gave us the grace
of First Saturday
And specially taught us
the rosary to pray

Please help us convert
and help us to pray
To open our hearts
to do penance each day

To love one another
and do every good deed
To respond from our hearts
Your teachings to heed

Draw us ever closer
to Your Divine Son
That we may become holy
and our hearts become one

For you are the Handmaid
of the Lord
You live eternally
according to His Word.

Peter Heintz
A Guide to Apparitions. Part I.
Sacramento: Gabriel Press, 1995.

Source: Poems Dealing with Marian Apparitions, The Mary Page


Meredith said...

Oh I love this poem Kathryn, thank you so much for this incredible month of Marian Apparitions!! They always draw me closer to Mary and it doesn't cease to amaze me at how many there really are! Love you,

P. Patricio Ilabaca said...

Thank you many times for the May pilgrimage! As an english literature admirer and Tolkien fan I sometimes visit your blog to find novelties and interesting comments, but the communion in the love of Jesus and Mary is further more than I thought I could find on the web. Greetings and blessings from a chilean priest in ecuador!