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May 26th: Spain - Our Lady of the Pillar

Feast Day: October 12th

Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Pillar, near Saragossa in northeastern Spain, where Mary is said to have appeared in early Christian times, asking that a church be built there in her honor. After the vision, the jasper pillar on which she stood remained and it became a most coveted relic. A church was built as requested and the pillar was enshrined within it. It is a six-foot-high stone column almost completely unadorned, now nearly encased in silver. On top of it is an ancient black wooden statue of Mary about fifteen inches tall, covered with gold leaf. So varied is her wardrobe that she wears different attire every day. The devotion to Our Lady of the Pillar, initiated at Saragossa, was brought to the New World by the Spanish explorers, and their missions boast of many miracles worked through Mary's favor. Some of the most incredible ones at the mother shrine have been authenticated by sworn testimony. The Virgin of the Pillar is recurrent as a theme in prayer, songs, and patriotic expressions. She was often invoked in battle emergencies. The heart of Don John of Austria, the Christian victor at Lepanto, rests near the sacred pillar in this sanctuary. (Fr. John A. Hardon)
Read more about Our Lady of the Pillar - the first ever Marian apparition - at Catholic Culture.

Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, the founder of the Marianists, is believed to have received a private revelation at the shrine of Our Lady of the Pillar. The Sodality of Our Lady of the Pillar, "a community of Catholic men and women under the patronage of Our Lady of the Pillar and committed to the service of the Church in the world" takes its inspiration from Chaminade's sodalities and is under the direction of the Marianists.
" A true Christian cannot live any life but the life of Our Savior Jesus. When we try to imitate Him the divine plan is carried out in our lives. The Blessed Virgin is our Model. She is a very exact copy of her Son Jesus. When we are devoted to Mary we will imitate Jesus." (Bl. William Chaminade)
This Wikipedia article gives the history of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar at Zaragoza, which you can see in detail in this YouTube movie.

At the Mary Page there is an article about the association of columns with Our Lady.


O Virgin Mother of El Pilar, deigning to appear to Thy beloved disciple, St. James, promising him the victory over paganism, and blessing so abundantly his labors for the spread of the True Catholic Faith, secure for us also, who are the children of that same Faith, the victory over our many foes and the paganism that is laying waste the harvest of souls in our day.

Through the intercession of Thine Apostle, St. James, the "Son of Thunder", may we as clouds flying through the air at the least breath of the Holy Ghost, establish everywhere the true devotion to Thy Immaculate Heart that Jesus wills for the conversion of all sinners. Amen.

Dios Te Salve Maria...

This prayer is said on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays throughout the month of October, and as a triduum before the Feast of Our Lady of El Pilar. (Salve Maria Regina)

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i am so glad, finally i find the picture and history of my virgen, because i was born on october 12th, and my name is Pilar, but I had no idea about my lady. thanks. and history is very special, because i have a brother called James and my mother always wrote me taking care of him.