Saturday, May 24, 2008

Diaper Dilemna

(We call them nappies, but that didn't have the same alliterative ring!)

The dilemna - what to do with a miniature sized toddler? We chugged along quite happily with Size 4 nappies for several months after she finally grew into them. Now she is about to turn two and has acquired the leaner shape of an active toddler ... leaving an unfortunate gap where the elastic no longer grips around her legs. I'll leave the effects of that to your imagination.

I tried switching her back to Size 3. They fit beautifully with no elastic gaps, but ... um ... don't have the capacity to cope with a toddler with an excellent appetite.

Leaving me stuck.

Too large with a leak-prone gap? Overloaded? Ugh!

And yes, I have tried several different brands. Same problem. I suspect cloth nappies would be a solution, but don't want to invest either the money or the effort to master them at this stage.

Roll on potty training! (Did I really say that?)


Melanie B said...

Oh I feel your pain. I wish I had some advice, but I can't think of anything you haven't mentioned.

Reminds me, though, I've got a funny diaper story I need to post on my blog.

Elizabeth said...

Cloth would definitely solve the problem but I see what you mean. Could you get one or two from ebay/freecycle/used nappy site to try out? You can always sell them again when you're finished. (Can you tell I'm an enthusiast?)

As an alternative, you could use a wrap or cover intended for cloth nappies, over the disposable.

Mrs Pea said...

I was going to suggest getting a couple of wraps meant for cloth nappies to go over the disposables. They are about £3-5, don't need much in the way of washing and would work. When we go on hols, both my 4 year old and the baby will be in one size of disposables (happily she is on the big side and he is on the small side) with their wraps over to contain overflow from him and gap-trickling from her.

Good luck!