Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Sense of Order

Little Cherub now has a very decided sense of order - of what should be where, and what should happen when. She loves to help to tidy her toys, or anything else, and will often try to tidy things away without being asked. Wet bibs, just out of the washer? The bib drawer, of course! Yesterday morning she saw Star getting ready for school, collected Angel's shoes from the hall and presented them to her. If we have been out, she wants shoes and coat off and put away immediately, both hers and ours. Any parental dilatoriness is met with frantic pointing and squeaking. At Jo Jingles she is so anxious to tidy away instruments that she is often there before the teacher puts the box on the floor. Last week she obviously felt the other children were tidying too slowly and was trying to grab instruments from them and put them away herself. Oops!

Her sense of order has obviously developed to the point where she is able to sort and classify. I take her to a local toddler group which is particularly well supplied with toys as it is run as an offshoot of the local playgroup (preschool). This week at tidy up time she was helping me to return vehicles and people to a box when she found a couple of animals that had strayed onto the play mat from an adjoining one. Before I could tell her to take them to the animal box she was half way there.

Between thinking of this post and writing it, I was very amused to find that Melanie at The Wine-Dark Sea had just written one about her Bella on the exact same topic. Bella and Cherub are much of an age ... it must be the age of order and tidiness!


Melanie B said...

Too funny.

Bella is the same way with regards to hat, shoes, coat, etc. Of course the reverse also applies. If I seem like I'm putting on going out apparel-- socks or slippers or a sweater somethings apply here-- then she gets very insistent that we leave.

I discovered a new skill today when we came home from the grocery store. Bella helped me sort and put away the food. She even managed to put cans on top of the counter. I didn't know she could reach it!

The Bookworm said...

Cherub sometimes likes to help put away shopping, but last week she disappeared into the sitting room while I was unpacking and went very quiet. It turned out she was happily nibbling a raw courgette (zucchini?) she had discovered in one of the bags.

Melanie B said...

Oh that is too funny. I was lucky today she wasn't able to pull the top off the yogurt container while my back was turned, though she tried.

Yes, zucchini is what I'd call it. I love noticing all the little differences between the American and British vocabulary, by the way. Sometimes I almost forget you're not in America and then a word jumps out at me and I recall that an ocean separates us. :) Of course I had an Irish roommate for a couple of years so sometimes I don't notice the differences.

The Bookworm said...

Ooh! Glad she didn't manage to get that yoghurt lid off! I forgot to add in my previous comment that she found the courgette after she tried and failed to gnaw her way through the plastic wrapper of a cucumber.

It's the old thing about being too countries separated by a common language ;).

The Bookworm said...

Hmmm ... that would be "two" not "too"!

Romany said...

Help! I can't read your blog anymore! The background trees are showing under the writing.