Saturday, January 19, 2008

Loveliness of Planning Fair

I am a little behind, but I finally got round to visiting Sarah's Loveliness of Planning Fair at Plainsong. As you know, I love plans, and there are some great planning ideas here. I particularly like Dawn's monthly Themes and Plans - this is something I could certainly use, for myself as much as for the children, to remind myself of feast days, nature highlights, seasonal foods, special family dates and so on. I do so much better when I have an overall picture of the next few weeks in my head, rather than blundering from one thing to the next in a state of constant surprise.

I love the various home management folders people have been putting together. My current "planner" is just a plain ring binder with my Motivated Moms pages for January, some scribbled menu plan pages, a couple of recipes needed for current menus, and my Walking to Rivendell route print-out. I haven't yet remembered to add section dividers, so it is definitely not yet set up for ease of use. I think I'll make tidying up and improving my folder a priority for next week.

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Romany said...

I love to plan too. Trouble is I *hate* not achieving the plans I make, which is inevitable.

Have fun planning!