Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Angel at Work

Angel is sitting next to me writing a geography assessment paper in which she has to explain to the European Union Finance Committee in 1000 words why southern Italy needs to continue to receive subsidies. If I had ever set her such a task, the wailing and gnashing of teeth would have been spectacular. As it is, she is working away steadily, if unenthusiastically. ("How's it going, Angel?" "Boring!")

She is also munching on uncooked spaghetti as she works. Odd, but I suppose it at least has an Italian connection.


Meredith said...

We had some whining of our own going on today about history and how to go about it, sigh....perhaps they are kindred spirits :) Hmm, I'm thinking penpal???

The Bookworm said...

I'm sure Angel would sympathise. History is prime whining territory here, though again there is far less whining when it is set by school than if it was set by me. It is becoming more and more apparent that both older girls have maths and science brains. They do not like things that involve words and writing - especially Angel, which is why I don't think she would do penpal :(. (We'll gloss over the fact that I have a long history of failing to post penpal letters in the past which has discouraged her - "Humph! What's the point! You'll only forget to post it anyway.")

She did manage to finish drafting the assignment on the laptop and just needs to make a fair copy tomorrow.