Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #20: 40 Reasons to Have Kids

Yes, forty is the new thirteen ... but after reading Karen's and Sarah's lists I couldn't resist adding my own selection. Here are forty rather more lighthearted reasons for having children (Karen set out the real reasons far better than I could do).

Why have children? When you have children you get to ...

1. Stuff your pockets full of conkers.
2. Ride rollercoasters
3. Eat more ice cream
4. Re-read beloved books from your childhood.
5. Find new beloved children's books.
6. Have tickling fights.
7. Play on the swings.
8. Whizz down slides.
9. Visit the zoo.
10. Watch fun movies.
11. Jump in puddles.
12. Enjoy sloppy kisses.
13. Cuddle a lot.
14. Play board games.
15. Tell stories.
16. Sing songs.
17. Listen to jokes.
18. Bake cakes.
19. Ride bikes.
20. Row boats.
21. Draw and paint.
22. Make scrapbooks.
23. Throw parties.
24. Take picnics to the woods.
25. Play on the beach.
26. Borrow your daughter's iPod.
27. Have your nails painted by your own personal manicurist.
28. Have your hair arranged by your own personal hairdresser.
29. Go clothes shopping with your own personal fashion adviser.
30. Kick balls.
31. Throw frisbees.
32. Fly kites.
33. Go swimming.
34. Pick blackberries.
35. Watch fireworks.
36. Play in the snow.
37. Visit Father Christmas.
38. Fill stockings.
39. Make new friends.
40. Laugh a lot.


Faith said...

I am loving these lists. I don't even want to know the original 40 of this pathetic, brittle-hearted woman who regrets motherhood, but I love the life-affirming ones!

But what are conkers?

Karen E. said...

Yes ... please ... what ARE conkers??

Great list, Kathryn!

Sarah said...

What a fabulous list!!! :) And of course, conkers are small roly-poly worms, right? Like the ones that are invading my kitchen now that the weather is getting colder. Or maybe they are crunchy sprinkles that you only find from ice cream places. Perhaps, instead, they are sparkly colored rocks that end up going through the dryer.

Or not. But I LOVE the thought of something named "conkers." So much that I'm going to stuff MY pockets with them just as soon as I find some!

The Bookworm said...

I wrote a conker post :)

Kristen Laurence said...

Love this list, Kathryn!