Monday, October 08, 2007

She's done it! #2

Every now and again we find bribery the offer of an incentive to be a good parenting tactic. We had one those moments back in June when Angel got her braces. She was all geared up for them ... very positive ... until she got the wrong braces. She was expecting several months with a wire retainer, before getting fixed braces. What she got was twin blocks, a pair of nasty contraptions that the orthodontist admitted more than 25% of kids simply refuse to wear. It looked as though she was going to be one of them. She freaked.

A pep talk from the orthodontist and some major bribery incentivisation later, she managed to grit her teeth (ouch!), wear the dreaded things and face the world in them. At today's checkup she had made it half way - she has to get a 9mm overbite down to between 1 and 3mm, and has now reduced it by 4mm - so she gets her reward. I just ordered her an iPod.


Romany said...

Ah, bless her. How are you going to get her through the rest of the trial?

The Bookworm said...

She's accustomed to them now ;). The difficulty was getting her over the hump of (a) wearing them at all, and (b) wearing them in public. From now on the reward is simply nicer teeth!