Thursday, October 04, 2007


It is one of those weeks ...

Sunday: Emergency dentist with Star who had raging toothache due to what turned out to be a nasty infection. He prescribed antibiotics in the form of a lemon flavoured medicine. Star hates lemon. Managed to get it changed for something "just a bit citrus-y" (as the pharmacist put it). Cue five days of moaning about said medicine.

Monday: Regular dentist with Star. Couldn't do anything until antibiotics had dealt with the infection.

Tuesday: Optician's appointment for Tevye. One of the cataracts he had removed three years ago is growing back. Needs laser treatment that will require another series of appoinments.

Thursday (Today): Optician with Star, who has lost her reading glasses. Mercifully the NHS allows for 9 year olds losing their glasses and she gets free replacement. Dentist with Star, who now has a temporary filling.

Saturday (hopefully): Optician with Star to collect new glasses.

Next Monday: Star to dentist to have two baby teeth removed. Angel to orthodontist (in a different town, naturally) to have braces adjusted.


Jennifer said...

Boy, I'm with you on the appointments gig! In the last two weeks we've had a root canal, minor surgery and all the pre and post appointments that go along with that. Today Marianna is getting her long awaited braces on and that means several teeth are coming out too!

Romany said...

Goodness! How did you used to find time to homeschool? {vbg}