Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gentle Learning

After reading up on Montessori, making a start on Charlotte Mason's Home Education, and learning a little about Waldorf education and watching the way it is taking shape in the creative hands of the authors of the Serendipity blog, I've come up with this list of things I want Little Cherub's early years to include:

  • gentle, nurturing atmosphere
  • emphasising the rhythm of the year
  • rhythmic days
  • child-led learning
  • picture books
  • fairy tales and imaginative stories
  • enjoying nature
  • lots of art and craft
  • learning about the world and its people
  • avoiding over-stimulation
Over the next few days (or weeks?) I'm planning to write a series of posts expanding on these individually. Please bear with me as I think out loud!


Mary G said...

I'll be so looking forward to your "thinkings aloud" ... just make sure you're in you're "thinking spot" first, just like Pooh!

I still can't believe Cherub is so big already! Where has the time gone?

Katherine in TX said...

I'm looking forward to your thinking aloud too. :)

Kristen Laurence said...

I'm hoping for the same for our early learning years. These blogs lend so much inspiration, don't they?!