Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tooth fairy inflation

Star lost a baby tooth yesterday, which triggered a conversation about the tooth fairy's payment rate. Both Tevye and I remember getting sixpence - six old, pre-decimal pennies, worth two and a half of the "new" pence we have had since decimalisation of our coinage in 1971. Angel and Star get one pound for each tooth, which seems to be the going rate these days. On this basis, Tevye and I would have had to lose two entire mouthfuls of baby teeth to match a single one of our daughters' teeth.

The tooth fairy is now sulking.


Amy said...

LOL I love your last line. :)

Inflation has hit here too!

Mary G said...


We were discussing this last night -- 6yod has two bottom teeth that are very loose (which is good as the new ones are already in - dh's genes are responsible for this anomaly) and now her upper two are loose! She could potentially lose all 4 teeths the same day -- here going rate is $1 each which means my darlin' little String Bean is going to bankrupt the Tooth Fairy's "egg and butter money"!

How's that baby doing?

Karen E. said...

Yes, I agree it's an outrage. The Tooth Fairy sulks at our house, too! :-)

The Bookworm said...

Ugh! Mary, I empathise! Star still has two more loose teeth, and Angel one. The tooth fairy may decide to resign.

Baby is doing fine, and has decided head down is more comfy than head up. Let's hope she stays that way! I'm still increasing my collection of asthma inhalers :(. I'm now up to a multi-coloured selection of three.

coffeemamma said...

Our youngest just lost her first tooth, and Tooth Fairy left her a 'Toonie' (yes, we're Canadian ;-)

Our oldest (16yo) quipped "I'm old enough now to say that 'in my day, we only got a Loonie!'"