Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Going up in the world ...

Star has been longing to try a climbing wall and jumped at an offer to go climbing with A-next-door today. She didn't quite make it to the top, but made a brave effort.

Coming down was not so dignified. She managed to land on the instructor's head!


Karen E. said...

My girls tried this a few months ago -- Anne went five feet up and was DONE. Betsy, at the last minute, decided it wasn't for her after all. :-)

Hurray for your Star's bravery!

(Funny: Ramona is watching this from my lap, and just narrated: "My daughters went rock climbing, but my three year old did not want to go! Is that what you're typing, Mommy?")

The Bookworm said...

My children look like girls, but are actually double jointed monkeys in disguise and completely oblivious to heights. On her final attempt Star made it to within a foot of the top of the 40 foot wall. When Angel went a year or so ago, she went to the top of the 40 foot wall three times and the 50 foot wall once.

I try to keep them away from trees. Not good for my nerves!

Karen E. said...

Arrgghh ... they're amazing!

The only good thing about our experience was to see my Betsy not give in to peer pressure -- her best friend climbed to the top of a wall, but Betsy still didn't care ... "I don't want to do it, thank you." :-)