Sunday, April 23, 2006

Are you a hobbit?

I have a dear friend and kindred spirit who has come up with a name for our very similar approach to homeschooling, faith and life in general - the Hobbits' Way. I thought I'd take a crack at defining a few characteristics of hobbits ...

* A hobbit is a small person who lives happily in his own small world, with no ambition to move outside it. (OK, I admit describing ourselves as "small people" may be stretching a point!)

* A hobbit loves children and can tend to be an indulgent parent.

* A hobbit's bark is worse than his bite. Think of Farmer Maggot.

* A hobbit is sociable but not a socialite. He enjoys time with friends and family, and if it is enhanced by good food and drink all the better. A hobbit is not, however, a party animal.

* A hobbit is not a natural ascetic. He enjoys his own home comforts to the full, though not to excess. (Hmmm!!! Second breakfast and elevenses may be considered a little excessive by some, though not by a hobbit.)

* A hobbit is naturally inclined to contentment.

* A hobbit has a strong sense of right and wrong.

* A hobbit likes stories, but only those with happy endings.

* A hobbits home is comfortable, but with a tendency towards clutter.

* A hobbit likes routine, but not one that is too demanding. Hobbits like to know what will come next. Despite this hobbits have occasional, unpredictable moments of madness - like Bilbo setting off with the dwarves, or Merry and Pippin setting off Gandalf's fireworks.

* A hobbit likes to curl up in front of a warm fire or under a blanket with a good book and a plate of buttered toast.

* When pushed reluctantly or unexpectedly out of his comfort zone, a hobbit shows unexpected reserves of courage and determination.

The archtypal hobbit? G.K.Chesterton. Equally happy with friends, a glass of good ale and lively conversation in the pub, or at home with his wife and a good roast dinner. Rotund and humorous. Firmly grounded on a solid and joyous rock of Faith.

Any other hobbits out there?


Mary G said...

I love this -- so instead of Mater Amabilis it will be Mater Hobbiton?

Thnaks for sharing -- I love this analogy!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, Bookworm!! A timely reminder of the focus of my homeschool just when I was driving myself crazy thinking the "real" approach was more, um, er, classical! Silly me! FRODO LIVES!!!

Kindred Spirit

Cay in La. said...

Yes, I'm a Kindred Hobbit as well! : )

Great post. I've linked it on my blog.

Theresa said...

Oh, wow! I am SO a hobbit! Thanks for spelling it out so clearly! I feel much better about my small ways now!

Anonymous said...

Now that I've thought about it, I don't remember even a whiff of organized schooling in all of Tolkien. Certainly, all hobbits are homeschooled.


Becky said...

I am a hobbit too! Thank you for this wonderful post...

athenainaminivan said...

ANd I thought I was just weird...I am just a Hobbit. I am linking to this. Thanks for the identification.

Katie said...

I have been overly influenced by the "shoulds" of life-- I think I am only a hobbit-wannabe.

I linked to your post. Thanks for the reminder.